On April 4, 1983, Bidwell Branch 110 held its first meeting at the downtown Chico Elk's Club. At the first meeting, the designation “Bidwell Branch 110” had not yet been assigned. The branch was sponsored by “Chico Branch 63” which had grown so much in active members that it could not accommodate more members and still fit in an available luncheon venue.

The following men were selected to serve as Officers during the initial probationary period for the Branch:

Big Sir: Robert P. JohnsonTreasurer: Dave Aranson
Little Sir Leonard Lloyd Secretary: Melvin Nilson
Director: Reg Thom Director: Charles Jenkins

In September 1983, Volume One of the Branch newsletter; SIR Branch 110 Roosters Tale, was published and distributed to branch members and also to officers of its other nearby branches. Seven new members were inducted in September 1983, and by April 23, 1984, when the branch charter was received, the active membership had grown to 118 Charter Members. In the late 1990’s, the branch was flooded with applications for membership, reaching its peak of 295 in May 2000. A waiting list was formed and it took up to 14 months waiting on the “Guest” list for an opening to occur in order to become a member.

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